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Game over? We will rock it.

Expect professional technical interventions and facility services from one single source – just in time

Whether it concerns malfunctions of performance-critical processes, breakdowns or repairs – we are there for you.


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  • Expect professional rockstar services from one single source and just in time
  • Our emergency service guarantees you immediate interventions on working days within 24 hours
  • On request, consultation by telephone, by chat or on site

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We are experts for complexe systems and solutions from one single source that involve several trades

Our services are as comprehensive as your requirements

Electrical systems

★ Exchange of luminaries ★ Smaller electrical works ★ Inspections and controls ★ Installation of luminairies + lamps ★ Connection of equipment of all types


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Sanitary + Heating

★ Repairs on heaters ★ Delivery of wash-basins ★ Connection of dishwashers ★ Repair + exchange of tap and fittings ★ Delivery of cisterns, boilers, toilet seats


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Air conditioning + Ventilation

★ Maintenance for all types ★ Minor repairs of airco systems ★ Delivery and installation of condensate pumps ★ Exchange of air conditioning filters


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Doors + Windows

★ Delivery + Exchange of fixtures for doors and windows ★ Minor repairs and adjusting


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Maintenance visits

★ Legally required audits ★ Legally required inspections ★ Maintenance for all systems, e.g. airco systems

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Further services

★ Concierge services ★ Smaller repairs of any kind ★ Minor installations of any kind


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